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At PÜR Salon, we understand why you come to us. It’s not just about
special events, parties and looking great at the office.

You come for something more. More than just a trim and more than
just a curl. You come for the way you feel when you leave. Confident,
beautiful and ready to live vibrantly.

You're already beautiful on the inside. With the right care from our
expert stylists, we'll bring that inner beauty out, for all the world to see.
You’ll feel more than happy when you leave our salon – you’ll feel
good, because it’s good to be beautiful.

PÜR Salon offers all the glamour and sophistication expected of
Marquette's premiere salon!  The stunning space is elegant yet
modern, exuding a serene tranquility that enhances the beauty
experience for our clients.  If you haven't already, please stop in for a
visit.  We look forward to meeting you!



We take your hair's personality and work with it - not against it.  With our expertise, we determine your hair's texture, the way it wants to lay, the way it wants to move, and then cut it to give it a new attitude.  As hair evolves, what was once classic is now trend and what was trend
becomes classic.  After an epidemic of ultra-straight hair- which is now classic- texture is working it's way in.  You may achieve this through curling, crimping, cutting, texturing, and finishing techniques.  Which ever way you go, having options is still the order of the day.  A cut from PÜR gives you these options.  

Color compliments a great cut.  What color can do for you: color should add shape to your cut, suit the movement of your hair, and match the tone of your skin.  It can even add texture.  In other words, applying color is both a science and an art.  

Ready to color health into your hair? Please call our salon to book an appointment with one of our professional colorists.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Male fashion model

Let us show you how the right cut (and maybe even a little color) can give your hair great style. Color isn't just for women. Let us blend away
the gray or add a few highlights using structured placement.

Sound interesting? Give us a call or stop in for service. Appointments are appreciated, but walk-ins are always welcome!


This new year is ushering in a shift in men’s style. While many of the dominating trends like slick hair, undercuts, and tapers will continue, new trends are emerging from the runways and magazines and are working their way to the street. Get the look today with the newest cool men’s hairstyles to try in 2020.




"Love Katie and Pur Salon! Katie is by far the best hair stylist I have ever had (and I’ve had many after lots of moving). Making an appointment with her was one of the first things I did when I came back! She goes above and beyond for her customers!

The salon is gorgeous, clean, and calming. Check it out!"

Catherine L.



Touch Base

Be in touch with questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

TELEPHONE | 906-225-5551

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